Monday, 6 January 2014

Updates and Promo Text

I've been doing a little bit of updating of info and items on the  Ruin Raiders Wiki. It's enough to give a little more flavour of the setting. But, still a lot more work to be done.

I've also revised the game pitch on the front page to include the post game trading element. What do people think? Does it make you want to try it?

Pitch Text:

Ruin Raiders is an action adventure game that plunges you into a post apocalyptic future world where teams of friends compete to scavenge for the food and materials your group need to prosper.

Start by gearing up with an essential piece of kit that will give you an edge as you explore our living ruin environment. Then overcome physical and mental challenges to gain access to different areas of the ruin while solving puzzles and tests that will gain access to the most valuable loot items.

Teamwork and strategy are key in maximising your manpower and ensuring you have the right tools to hand when you need them.

Don’t forget… The clock is ticking and only the items you leave with can count towards your score!

Once you make it out of the Ruins you can trade your loot (represented by Stuff and Gear cards) with other Raider Bands at the convention to get Scran and parts to make Gear that give you an edge over other Bands and boost your score.