Character Concept: Sheltered

Those that have been lucky enough to avoid the hand to mouth existence of a Raider until now are labelled Sheltered by other Raiders. Usually the Sheltered had a secure place to hole up and possibly some regular sources of stuff they used to get by. But, all that has ended now…

Whether it was an outbreak of Brainwaste Plague that turned their former friends into shambling brain eating monsters or just running out of Scran near their base, they are nomadic and hungry now, just like the rest of us.

The Sheltered tend to be more willing to negotiate and work with other Raiders than those that have had to cope with life in the ruins for an extended period. They haven’t established a specific way of coping with life in the ruins yet. so they are often more flexible and willing to think outside the box than a lot of raiders.

The Sheltered normally dress in simple civilian clothing that wouldn’t be out of place on 21st century Earth. Jeans or combat trousers are commonly matched up with some sort of light cotton shirt or t-shirt. More fashion conscious groups may prefer light cotton trousers and asymmetrical tunic tops. Dresses and skirts are rare due their impracticality while crawling through tight spaces.