Sunday, 27 April 2014

Conpulsion Day 2 Final Scores

There were some big changes to the final scores in the trading phase yesterday. But, the bigger teams on day two made it a bit harder to get the bonus combo's.

Team Pikachu were the only day two team, so their score is tracked separately from the others. After an encounter outside the ruin that resulted in the unarmed Red Alert team loosing all their cards (I'm not saying what happened. But, I think we can all picture how this scenario played out in a post apocalyptic setting), they traded very wisely. First off, they had the smarts to buy a Panacea to heal their injured team member, making it easier to become Well Fed. Now I'll see if I can remember this correctly, as I didn't note it down and they got a lot of bonus combo's. At the end they were: Well Fed, Armed, Dangerous, Purloiners. Giving them a total score of 74 points up from 29 points worth of loot.

Team Pikachu take the award as the best Two Day Team and have left a pretty awesome record to beat.

On to the single day teams. These are competing against each other and I was hopeful for some big moves.

Red Alert did not make a return, so are out of the running.

The Larpioligist decided not to trade as they had so few cards and such a big team it was unlikely they could do much to increase their score. Their score stood at 9 points.

This made You're a Quizard, Harry! the clear winners with a fine score of 31 from a raid total of 29.

Congratulations to all my players, you were all awesome! I hope you were grinning as much as I was as you went through the ruins. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook or Google+ for more info and pictures.

Enjoy your scran and don't let the grimels bite! 

Conpulsion Day 2 Raid Scores

Day two was incredibly busy for Ruin Raiders and my lofty plans for letting the day one teams make a second run didn't go quite to plan. The later slots were booked tight with new teams and by the time The Skywaymen and Team Rocket tried to get a second run I was fully booked.

The addition of a second drone on this run proved a serious obstacle for most teams, and there was an awful lot of very tactical play from all the teams as they dealt with two threats with only a single weapon. The scores were lower on day two due to the increased difficulty.

Team Pikachu booked early for their return slot and brought along an extra member to help out on Day 2. They took advantage of the Glove that they made on day one to go in with an extra piece of Gear. Although they were struggling with one injured player, they bravely combated the drones and walked out the room with a very respectable 29 points.

The first single day team  was Red Alert. One of the few teams that went into the ruins unarmed, they started off a little tentative. But, managed a stronger second half of the run, to come out with a respectable 11 points.

Winning the prize for longest team name, You're a Quizard, Harry! was made up of various Conpulsion staff that were able to sneak away from their assigned jobs. They made an expert run and came out with a massive 29 points. This was the highest scoring raid of the day.
The final team of the day were the ill fated Larpiologists, This massive team of six made great inroads early on and were on the way to an excellent score. Unfortunately, after sneaking past the drones on the second level, they found themselves cut off from the exit as the counter ran down. Only one team member made it back to the transit tube, leaving them with only 9 points worth of loot. Certainly the most tragic end to any of the runs for the day.

Post trading results coming soon.

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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Post Trading Conpulsion Day One Results

The trading phase resulted in some big shake ups to the scores, although the results were interspersed over the day.

Team Pikachu were leaving early, so some quick and canny trading on their part allowed them to gain Gauntleted bonus, giving them a final score of 17 points. Well done guys, I can’t wait to have you play again and I hope you enjoyed your day.

The Skywaymen came back second and had made some risky trades that relied on getting a Metal Tube to become both Armed and Dangerous. Unfortunately, no-one actually managed to loot a metal pipe on the Saturday runs, so they were out of luck. They managed to get Gauntleted, but the loot converted to ammo cost them 4 points and left them at a lofty 39 points.

Team Rocket handed over cards last, at almost 6pm. They had traded very carefully and managed to get both the Protected and Gauntleted bonuses as well as making some Scran. This allowed them to squeak into the lead with a massive 40 points.

Well done everyone and it just goes to show that the game is far from over when you leave the ruin. A lot can change in the trading phase!

I know at least two teams are hoping to make it back tomorrow, so we’ll see how they manage to leverage their day one successes on the second run.

Conpulsion Saturday Raiding Scores

We had a successful first run of Ruin Raiders in the Saturday morning slot at Conpulsion.

First team, The Skywaymen had a real advantage as they were two of the players that did the playtest. The team came out of the ruin with a massive 30 points worth of loot.

The second team, Team Rocket were much more careful and methodical and had one member not been injured by a drone, they could have ended as strong as they started. They left the room with 19 points.

The final team of the day was a father and son duo called Team Pikachu. Although they only left with seven points worth of loot, they gained some very rare items.

I had an awesome time and can't wait for our second run tomorrow.

Final Scores (after item trading coming soon).

Friday, 25 April 2014

T -11 Hours And Counting...

It's the night before Ruin Raiders gets its first proper outing to the public. I'm surprisingly calm and feeling very well prepared. All the props are either already at the venue or arriving in the Skian Mhor van tomorrow.

There's a strange sort of serenity that comes with not being able to fiddle with your packed gear. I kind of like it.

I've got a couple of admin jobs that I can do tonight to save myself some time in the morning. So I'm going to push on with them. Oh, that and test that I can post to social media.

Night, night. Don't let the Grimels bite.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Under 18's Welcome!

I'm please to announce that Ruin Raiders will be open to children as well as adults. Under 14's must be escorted by a responsible adult and be capable of following the safety briefing (no running, don't destroy my robots).

There will not be a separate rankings table for teams with younger members as small size will be a big advantage on some challenges.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Image from Brosa on DeviantArt: