Setting Overview

It’s been 60 years since the omnipotent and omniscient A.I.’s left and everything ended.

You heard stories that this place was once called W'aste and was a shining example of the human civilisation.

There are still some raiders that remember those days, but generally they went mad and ended it long ago.
Most of the raiders are children of the Strongholds (groups of a few hundred people that banded together for protection), born before the brainwaste plague destroyed them. Now most Raiders live a nomadic hand to mouth existence scavenging the ruins for anything they can find. Bands meet up only by accident or to trade at one of the few protein spinners.

Life is hard. But, death is no escape.

If a member of your Band dies they will awaken alone in some deserted corridor in a new set of clothes and need to hope that they find a friendly face before they find trouble. Many Raiders develop some… interesting coping methods, to deal with the inescapable hardship.  

Events are based at protein spinner 49526A, where some traders have set up shop looking to trade gear for raw materials found within the ruins. Their presence has been quite a draw and there are more Raider bands here than you are likely to have seen in a while.