Sunday, 6 July 2014

Ruin Raiders July - Cancelled

Hi Folks,

Unfortunately, we've not managed to get the numbers for this event to make it practical to run under the model we'd envisaged. We wouldn't be able to provide the experience we think our players deserve so we've decided to cancel this event.

Billetto will be arranging a full refund of your ticket price back to the card you paid on. If you have any issues with the refund, please contact them in the first instance. But please get in touch if there are any sissies they can't resolve.

We really appreciate your support and commitment for the ideas behind Ruin Raiders and we'll be taking feedback on board and organising another event in the near future that will provide a taste of the game without being so dependent on confirmed numbers.

Please follow our page so we can keep you updated on new developments:

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Character Concept: The Pure

These focussed and zen like individuals are well aware of their nanite infestation and through a program of meditation and focus hope to gain conscious influence over their infestation.

They resist the easy path of allowing their body to adapt to it’s environment and keep their body “Pure” through sheer force of will. Some members of the pure develop enough of a rapport with their nanites that they allow influence or control over some of the long lost energy emission technologies of W’aste.

Although The Pure strive for control of their own bodies, they are not above working with other Raiders. They may value mental and emotional strength. But, they also accept that sometimes brute force can be the best solutions.  

The pure normally embrace a slightly ascetic clothing style and keep their arms bare to show they do not sport the alterations of other raiders.  

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Character Concept: Zoomorph

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Humans have always appreciated the grace and resourcefulness of the animal kingdom and even on a shattered colony light years from Earth, old earth fauna still holds its mystique.

Zoomorphs become so caught up with the shortcomings of the human form to cope with life in the ruins that their Nanite Infestation starts to incorporate transgenic traits into their physiology. Often starting as enhanced balance or improved senses, some Zoomorphs start to take on distinct animal features and personality traits over time.

Although they may take on a great many bestial affectations, the majority are capable of thinking just as clearly and cunningly as any Raider. Those few that have surrendered their higher faculties to bestial instincts are commonly reffered to as ferals.

Zoomorphs tend to wear loose fitting cotton clothing that doesn’t hinder their movement. They generally avoid being overloaded with armour or loot.