Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Character Concept: Zoomorph

Original image by http://dragon-kiss.deviantart.com
Humans have always appreciated the grace and resourcefulness of the animal kingdom and even on a shattered colony light years from Earth, old earth fauna still holds its mystique.

Zoomorphs become so caught up with the shortcomings of the human form to cope with life in the ruins that their Nanite Infestation starts to incorporate transgenic traits into their physiology. Often starting as enhanced balance or improved senses, some Zoomorphs start to take on distinct animal features and personality traits over time.

Although they may take on a great many bestial affectations, the majority are capable of thinking just as clearly and cunningly as any Raider. Those few that have surrendered their higher faculties to bestial instincts are commonly reffered to as ferals.

Zoomorphs tend to wear loose fitting cotton clothing that doesn’t hinder their movement. They generally avoid being overloaded with armour or loot.