Sunday, 27 April 2014

Conpulsion Day 2 Final Scores

There were some big changes to the final scores in the trading phase yesterday. But, the bigger teams on day two made it a bit harder to get the bonus combo's.

Team Pikachu were the only day two team, so their score is tracked separately from the others. After an encounter outside the ruin that resulted in the unarmed Red Alert team loosing all their cards (I'm not saying what happened. But, I think we can all picture how this scenario played out in a post apocalyptic setting), they traded very wisely. First off, they had the smarts to buy a Panacea to heal their injured team member, making it easier to become Well Fed. Now I'll see if I can remember this correctly, as I didn't note it down and they got a lot of bonus combo's. At the end they were: Well Fed, Armed, Dangerous, Purloiners. Giving them a total score of 74 points up from 29 points worth of loot.

Team Pikachu take the award as the best Two Day Team and have left a pretty awesome record to beat.

On to the single day teams. These are competing against each other and I was hopeful for some big moves.

Red Alert did not make a return, so are out of the running.

The Larpioligist decided not to trade as they had so few cards and such a big team it was unlikely they could do much to increase their score. Their score stood at 9 points.

This made You're a Quizard, Harry! the clear winners with a fine score of 31 from a raid total of 29.

Congratulations to all my players, you were all awesome! I hope you were grinning as much as I was as you went through the ruins. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook or Google+ for more info and pictures.

Enjoy your scran and don't let the grimels bite!