Saturday, 26 April 2014

Post Trading Conpulsion Day One Results

The trading phase resulted in some big shake ups to the scores, although the results were interspersed over the day.

Team Pikachu were leaving early, so some quick and canny trading on their part allowed them to gain Gauntleted bonus, giving them a final score of 17 points. Well done guys, I can’t wait to have you play again and I hope you enjoyed your day.

The Skywaymen came back second and had made some risky trades that relied on getting a Metal Tube to become both Armed and Dangerous. Unfortunately, no-one actually managed to loot a metal pipe on the Saturday runs, so they were out of luck. They managed to get Gauntleted, but the loot converted to ammo cost them 4 points and left them at a lofty 39 points.

Team Rocket handed over cards last, at almost 6pm. They had traded very carefully and managed to get both the Protected and Gauntleted bonuses as well as making some Scran. This allowed them to squeak into the lead with a massive 40 points.

Well done everyone and it just goes to show that the game is far from over when you leave the ruin. A lot can change in the trading phase!

I know at least two teams are hoping to make it back tomorrow, so we’ll see how they manage to leverage their day one successes on the second run.