Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Ruin Raiders LARP Playtest July

We've had three successful runs of Ruin Raiders as a stand alone adventure game and each time we've moved a little closer to turning the concept into something that would work for an ongoing monthly LARP.

The setting is a far future post apocalyptic world where small groups of Raiders must work together to scavenge for the materials to maintain their equipment and build up secret sites where they can acquire raw materials as a regular income.

The next event is designed to test the format we envisage for the game and whether it can support the numbers of players we need to make an indoor combat LARP financially viable.

The system is designed around hard skills, so your ability to squeeze through gaps, decipher codes and haggle are all just as important as your ability to shoot straight. Teamwork and strategy are key to maximising your manpower and ensuring you have the right tools to hand when you need them.

For this event we’ll be using the Equipment based class system we used for the stand alone games. But, we have plans to develop this at future play tests. Combat will also be limited to Nerf combat within the ruins for this event. Don’t bring your own weapon, we’ll be providing them.

We’d welcome people coming in what costume you can muster and we have a few accessories that we can lone out. Try for combats and a t-shirt as a minimum and if you’ve got more, then awesome! More info on concepts coming soon.

Team Bookings
The event has space for up to four teams, so if you have 4-6 members we can book you a team slot of your very own. Solo raiders will be sorted into teams on the day.

We want our games to be open to anyone, regardless of financial means so we operate on a Pay What You Can basis. We feel a donation between £5 and £20 is a fair price for the event that we run. Unfortunately, because of the number of no-shows at the last event we will be moving to an Advance Tickets basis.

Unfortunately, it looks unlikely that our venue will have a suitable child licence in time for this event. But we do aim to make these events available to under 18’s in the future.

Facebook event available here:

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