Monday, 30 June 2014

Character Concept: Dreampunks

 Coping by hiding from the realities of life has been a long (if not proud) human tradition. So it’s not surprising that the subconscious desire for escape was detected by the Nanite Infestations of some Raiders and neural shunts to overwrite sensory data with a more acceptable reality began to form within their nervous system.

Dreampunks now live perpetually in a fantasy version of reality, viewing everything they do through the filter of their false perceptions. Oddly, the perception filters usually mitigate most fears and phobias while emphasising true dangers to life and limb, causing most Dreampunks to act as the heroic lead in their own fantasy.

Dreampunks know their fantasy version of reality is a fake. But, they have such a hard time dealing with the reality of their existence that they will often deny or avoid a confrontation regarding the true nature of reality unless really necessary.

The majority view the world as some sort of fictionalised version of ancient earth, with 1920’s sci-fi serials and Steampunk being common.

Clothing usually reflects the fantasy of the individual Dreampunk and frequently used gear will often gradually assume the form the Raider perceives while maintaining its original function.   

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